blugento allows you to create and manage multiple Magento stores in one place.

A cloud-based management platform allowing you to create and manage multiple stores in one place and is suitable for individual merchants, system integrators and hosting companies who are looking for a more effective, efficient way of managing their eCommerce.

  • Manage Stores: Create, Configure, Customise, Launch, Update & Stop stores in an instant.

  • Backup and Restore: Create backups and restore to old versions with one click.

  • Single Sign-On: Single sign-on via Email, Google, Github or LDAP with all stores accessible from one central location.

  • User Rights & Role Management: Central hub for users and role management for all stores.

  • Product Management: Manage all your products directly from the dashboard using a PIM such as Akeneo.

  • CI/CD Pipelines: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines, utilizing automation to enable fast iterations to your store.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: View the status of stores, revenues and hosting costs in one clear view.

  • CDN: Content Delivery Network, Monitoring, and DNS