A cloud-based management platform allowing you to create and manage multiple stores in one place and is suitable for individual merchants, system integrators and hosting companies who are looking for a more effective, efficient way of managing their eCommerce.


The blugento shop factory enables you to centrally create and manage numerous shops. Put new professional Magento stores online for your brands, distribution partners or franchisees in minutes and stay in control.


The blugento data hub connects your IT systems and enables an automatic data flow. Connect your systems with just one interface to the blugento data hub. This transmits the data to the appropriate systems depending on the configuration.

  • Fast system connection: Many interfaces can be connected to the blugento data hub via interfaces that have already been set up. With it, you connect your individual systems to each other allow the automated data exchange.

  • Easy updates: Your systems are connected to the data hub with just one interface at a time and are therefore connected to all other systems. This has two advantages: 1. The number of interfaces is reduced to a minimum. This prevents unwanted interactions. 2. During an update or system change, only the specific interface needs to be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.

  • Central data storage: All the data that your systems generate is fed centrally into the blugento data hub and stored there. This distributes the data automatically and in the correct format to other systems for further use.

  • Optimization of your processes: The automated data transfer and processing through the connection of your systems optimizes your processes. The saved personnel and time resources can be used more effectively again.

  • New distribution channels: Quickly and easily integrate new modern distribution systems into your processes via the blugento data hub. This opens up new buyer groups and keeps your customers loyal in the long term.

  • Everywhere current data: Through the links, each of your systems automatically receives the most up-to-date data transmitted. You no longer need to submit order, product or customer data in manual error-prone processes.

What is the blugento data hub for?


There are plenty of reasons and we will address them in a future post. For now, we want to focus on a crucial component of blugento’s solution: the blugento data hub. The data hub is a specialized middleware that connects each individual store instance with back-end systems, legacy IT and 3rd party services. The main use case is the connection with a Product Information Management System (PIM) that allows a rapid update of product data. Another advantage of such a setup is the ability to prepare product data before the actual store launch (instead of managing product data with the online-store software)

What does it look like

As you can see in the animation above, the data hub connects with the store and the PIM and that’s it. It does not only sync pure product data but makes sure all relevant and necessary data is in sync:

  • attributes, attribute families

  • categories

Synchronization can be triggered manually or automatically scheduled


The blugento webshop is based on the powerful Magento shop system, which has been extensively adapted and standardized by us. So you can start quickly with Magento and gradually adapt the shop system to your growth-related requirements.

  • Internationalization: Adjust the language, currency and tax rates for each country by pressing a button. Multilingualism and different store views enable you to enter new markets.

  • Modern design: The well-thought-out and modern template of the blugento webshop can easily be adapted via the backend with a mouse click. The various color, font, and layout settings open up endless design options.

  • Secure functional extension: The functions of Magento can be extended with numerous extensions. We install these according to customer requirements. We always pay attention to the high quality and compatibility of the extensions, for a stable blugento webshop.

  • Your product catalog: The blugento webshop offers you numerous possibilities to optimally depict your product catalog with different product types and variants: simple articles, configurable articles, downloads, virtual articles, groups, and bundles.

  • Easy integration: The blugento webshop is perfectly prepared for integration into your system landscape with the blugento data hub. The connection, for example, feeds necessary product data from your PIM and passes on order data to your ERP.

  • Hosting, Updates, Support: For the blugento webshop we also take over the hosting, necessary updates and support. For a high-performance online shop and fast help.


The design customizer is a Magento plugin/extensions, that lets you design your Magento store easily and without the usual templating efforts. This makes Magento provide you with a Shopify-like user experience without losing the rich feature set of Magento.

In the blugento Design Customiser, you can customize the styling and layout separately. The styling includes primarily the fonts and colors. The layout options, on the other hand, determine the position and arrangement of various elements. The styling and layout settings are clearly arranged according to the shop areas. So if you want to customize something in the header of the shop, you will find the styling and layout settings in the corresponding Header tab. Images or icons, such as your logo, the social media logos or the shopping cart icon, are clearly uploaded in another area.

Styling - your colors and fonts

In styling, the first settings you should make are choosing your desired font. You can choose from all Google fonts and are therefore very flexible. Next, you can set five main colors. Blugento creates from these and different variants of it then a coherent overall picture. If you still want to change individual colors, you can do this in almost all areas of your shop. The advanced mode of the Design Customizer gives you a whole host of other customization options to customize the font, size, color and background colors to your liking.

Layout Options - Arrangement and display of various elements

In the Layout Options, you determine the arrangement and display of various elements. This involves both the design of your shop, such as the layout of your header, the orientation of your navigation or the zoom version of the product images. The layout options also control the display or hiding of various tools and information, such as the wishlist, ratings, and surveys.

Images - Logos, Icons and more

In this area, almost all images of the blugento shop can be changed, which influences the layout. This includes, for example, the logo and favicon of the shop, but also the symbol of the wish list, the magnifying glass of the search function or the page's background.

Final CSS

If you are a little familiar with HTML and CSS, you can also create your own hand via an input field and customize the template according to your own ideas.