In this article, we will explain how you can update your existing stores into blugento. This is currently a manual process to update a store from your list of stores.

To update an existing Store/CMS/PIM:

  • Log in to your blugento shop factory.

  • Go to Applications > Stores, and click the information menu of the store which you want to update.

  • Click on the Update application under the Actions. This will only visible when there is a new commit in the GitLab repository which is connected with your docker file.

  • After clicking on Action>Update Application, then you will see a blinking signal with the status and a popup message Running (updating). It can take a few minutes to update your changes into your running store. Look into the below screenshot for more details.

  • Once the store is successfully updated then the action to update the application will not visible again in your Action window.