In this article, we will explain how you can Access Logs with SSH to the blugento shop factory so that you can check everything needed for your requirements.

To make this as easy and as pain-free as possible, we’ve developed a secure shell (SSH) terminal which runs directly in the blugento dashboard on a store by store basis, so store owners and developers can quickly access their stores’ data, run commands and debug issues without the need to leave the shared environment. Through our terminal, you can securely connect to any container of any shop to f.i.

  • Re-index your stores’ product catalogue

  • Clear caches

  • Retrieve database credentials

  • Generate reports or backups

  • View logs

  • Run any system commands within a container (no breakout possible)

Every Store/CMS/PIM is having a feature to fetch the logs with SSH using various options like database, Phpfpm, Redis, Httpd, Cron, Buildbox and many more.

Below video will show you the best way to access logs with SSH