BLUG-793uiAdd freshdesk feedback widget
BLUG-682ui, apiAbility to add AWS tags to instances
BLUG-787apiImprove content and styling of first email for users
BLUG-596ui, apiSupport managing custom application links
BLUG-435ui, apiApplication monitoring
BLUG-436uiShow screenshots in detail view of application instances
BLUG-365uiblugento like keycloak theme
BLUG-425opsContinuous delivery for staging environment
BLUG-509uiUpgrade bootstrap-vue to v2.0.0


BLUG-262webshopDefault settings for blugento and/or german market.
BLUG-284webshopCookie law banner improvements
BLUG-591apiIntegration kubernetes deployment in ShopFactory
BLUG-452webshopAdd module SMTPPro
BLUG-454apiVault integration
BLUG-479webshopAdd Varnish as a reverse proxy for blugento base community image
BLUG-484uiDisable links if application is not running
BLUG-717ui, apiCustom configurable environment variables for shop instances